Construction work is one of the most dangerous job in the world. The accident occurs frequently due to the non-standard operations and poor supervision. To protect the workers and construction property, surveillance solution is needed in this construction project. However, the wired option was not realistic due to the restrictions of the project environment.

  Requirement Analysis

● Ability to utilize real-time traffic monitoring.
● Wired CCTV is hard to set up in Tower Crane.
● Wireless AP are easy setting with plug and play function.
● Provide wireless connectivity to transmit or download data from CCTV to the control room.

  Network Link Topology

Here we used Todaair professional AP(DIP356一H) to construct a wireless network system for monitoring. Then, the control room wireless AP are set up in sender mode, other CCTV points for receiver mode. 5 wireless surveillance points were set up to monitor the whole area, with real-time data transmission in point-to一point (PTP) mode, multipoint (PTMP) mode, and we used the repeater modes in the block.


Biguiyuan is the leading urban development pioneer in China and they always make a safe construction building .The successful project has brought security for the whole construction, and also provided a safe and comfortable environment for the owner, and also expanded the influence of wireless bridge in the field of wireless transmission.

Recommended Devices
  Model DIP356-H
 Operating Frequency 5.8GHz
 Transmission Speed 300Mbps
 Transmission Distance 3KM


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