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  1. Jon Chau 4月 20, 2019 13:05:22

    I am interested in your POE29-RX548 and POE29-RX948 after seeing it at ICS West.
    I am looking for detailed spec/data sheets on the product – and looking for an evaluation of the product, if possible.

    • Paul 5月 11, 2019 16:48:36

      hello Jon, i already send you e-mail(sales6@todaair.com) i am Paul from Todaair

  2. William Imhoff 4月 18, 2019 22:48:27

    Hello! I am interested in this product: DIP9526K-H. I would like to run a test with two of them to see if it will work for our properties. If it works, we will want to order many more.

    Thank you!

    William Imhoff
    (415) 595-6031

    • Paul 5月 11, 2019 16:49:29

      Hello William, i am Paul from Todaair. i already send you an e-mail from sales@todaair.com

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