Nextivity Inc. announced at the In-Building Wireless Congress that its award winning Cel-Fi GO+ Smart Signal Booster can now amplify cellular signal for all five major USA carriers – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular.
“Cel-Fi GO+ is a great solution for boosting cellular coverage when on the move or in spaces under 50,000 square feet, inside bunkers or other challenging construction that can’t get an in-building signal, at remote locations with weak macro signal, and for IoT applications that need a strong and stable signal for cellular-based apps and devices,” says Joe Schmelzer, Senior Products Director at Nextivity. “It is also being used by first responders in emergency situations where they depend on reliable cellular communication to save lives and property.”

Cel-Fi GO+ is an extremely versatile product, explains Schmelzer. It offers industry-leading 65 dB gain in mobile mode, delivering the best voice/data wireless performance for vehicles and boats in transit. The same device can be easily switched to stationary mode and deliver 100 dB gain – which is up to 1,000x greater than other solutions on the market – for use when an RV or truck is parked; at remote sites like off-shore drilling platforms, forestry logging areas, underground tunnels, or cellular relay stations across parkland acreage; and for virtually any type of construction that requires a better in-building cellular signal even where other solutions have failed.
Nextivity also announced the Cel-Fi COMPASS RF Site Surveying and Installation Tool at the In-Building Wireless Congress. The handheld, battery-powered tool makes Cel-Fi GO+ installation, optimization and configuration even simpler and faster for system integrators. COMPASS can be used by integrators to do RF site surveys for system design, as well as to support optimum antenna positioning.
For venues ranging from 50,000 to 500,000 square feet, Cel-Fi COMPASS will be an essential installation tool with Nextivity’s active DAS hybrid product line, branded Cel-Fi QUATRA. For QUATRA integrators, COMPASS will facilitate commissioning and optimization, update software, and provide other essential functions, such as antenna positioning. COMPASS is a full standalone solution, supporting the commissioning process, and alleviating the need to have a live Internet connection on site.
The user interface for COMPASS will be Nextivity’s new WAVE PRO mobile app. Users will connect to COMPASS via Bluetooth with their smart phones, and use the WAVE PRO app to operate the COMPASS hardware. COMPASS will begin shipping in Q4 of this year.
“We’re striving to make life as easy as possible for our installers. We’re in a constant dialog with our partners and are continually enhancing and expanding our product line with innovative features and functionality,” says Schmelzer. “We make it easier for system integrators to fill the cellular coverage holes that consumers and businesses are no longer willing to tolerate.”


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