With the continuous development of network technology, network switches have become an indispensable part of enterprise networks.

However, how to configure and manage these switches remains a challenge for many enterprises. Todaair  will introduce a method of managing network switch port configuration and expansion through APP to help enterprises manage their network switches more conveniently and efficiently.

1. APP management network switch port configuration

Login to APP

First, you need to log in to the APP to manage and configure the network switch. In the APP, you can find the “Network Switch” or similar option and click to enter.

View switch port configuration

In the APP, you can view the current switch port configuration, including port status, MAC address, IP address, etc. Through this interface, administrators can clearly understand the details of each port.

Configure switch ports

In the APP, the switch port can be configured according to actual needs. You can set the switch status, speed, duplex mode, etc. of the port.

Additionally, each port can be assigned an IP address so that the port can be managed remotely over the network.

Monitor switch port status

The APP can also monitor the port status of the switch in real time, including connection status, traffic, etc.

When a port fails, the APP will immediately remind the administrator so that the problem can be dealt with promptly.

2. Network switch port expansion method

Add new port

If you need to add a new port to the switch, you can select the “Add New Port” option in the APP.

After entering the relevant information as prompted, the new port will be added to the switch configuration.

stacking port

If you need to expand the number of ports on the switch or improve its performance, you can use stacking technology.

Stacking technology can connect multiple physical switches together to form a logical switch, thereby increasing the number of ports and throughput.

In the APP, you can select the “Stacking” option and then follow the prompts.

link aggregation

Link aggregation is a technology that aggregates multiple physical links together to improve network availability and performance.

In the APP, you can select the “Link Aggregation” option and follow the prompts to aggregate multiple physical links into one logical link.

This way, even if one link fails, the entire network can still stay connected.

In short, managing the port configuration and expansion method of network switches through APP is an efficient and convenient management method, which can greatly reduce the network management cost of enterprises and improve management efficiency.