As crime rate increasingly grows, people’s guard against terrorism has been strengthened constantly and world security market has been expanded. Financial crime, gunshot violence, clash, daily security and other security stuff have been troubling law enforcement organ, making North America the largest security market in the world, among which United States accounts for more than 90%.

ISCWest was held in western city Las Vegas of United States. It’s recognized the largest security exhibition in industry in America which demonstrates new products, new technology and new trend for security industry. The exhibition was held by Reed Exhibitions, supported by SIA and CAA.


As an access point leader in China, TODAAIR carried the best-selling products across Pacific Ocean to Las Vegas on April 4th, showing Chinese advance wireless technology to American merchants.


TODAAIR access point is known as its dial-up pattern, no need to set network on computer, only to dial up for 128 groups IP match.



Compared to American local access point, TODAAIR has advantages in price and usage, attracting lots of local merchants.


TODAAIR attaches great importance to every exhibitions and conferences, highly value every opportunities. In the future, we will innovate more wireless technology, bringing more convenience and guarantee to people’s life and safety.


Todaair Electronic Co., Ltd. established in 2012, focus on producing and selling the wireless commuication products. With a creative team of various talents, innovation has always been taken as the core concept to run thought out the process of Todaair technical research, product and develop.