China’s forestland area is growing quickly with forestation development. At the same time, brushfire has become worldwide forest disaster. It is one of the main reason of losing mountain forest resources and bringing global environmental pollution. Great attention must be paid to mountain forest fire prevention.

Brushfire disaster always occurs randomly and causes great damages in a short time, so remedial action must be taken as fast as possible. Timely fire fighting and right decision mostly depend on whether we can discover forest fire on time or analyze its origin and trend accurately. People are fighting to prevent and reduce brushfire all over the world. Mountain forest fire prevention should be standardized and efficient, therefore our management work have to be more scientific, programming and informatization.

Requirement Analysis

This is a large mountain forest project in Qingdao City, Shandong Province. The forest is surrounded by residential areas which are full of trees. Furthermore, complex topographic and climatic conditions do exist. To complete mountain forest fire prevention,monitoring system in key areas is necessary, and real time monitoring will also be applied at all exits and entrances. However, based on the special topographic and climatic conditions, it is hard to apply wired system. A high flexibility and adaptable wireless CCTV monitoring system will be more flexible.

 After perambulating this project at site and careful study, our technicians found below problems.
·It is inconvenient to wire because of the rugged mountain road and varied topography.
·Unstable environment climate will interference the monitoring network.
·Monitor area is large, with multiple blind spots.
·Monitor points are dispersive, it will be a challenge on power supply from fixed places.
. This project is huge and its monitoring system is also large. The system must be convenient for the upper management and maintenance.
·Lightning protection measures are needed while setting monitoring system. It is a inherent weakness of mountain forest fire prevention work.

Design of Wireless Monitoring System

This project is really huge. After analyzing the actual difficulty and application requirement. Todaair designed the wireless monitoring and transmission system into two link circuits which are responsible for two regions separately. In this way, all the blind spots can be covered by wireless signals.

Network Link

In this design, Todaair uses a gigabit core exchanger as a data collection and transmission center, to connect the two downlink equipment. The main transmission equipment will be a mix of several wireless bridge models such as TX23-3525K(for long distance transmission), DIP3510-H and DIP356-H(both no need setting up), etc.

Planning Design

In sketch 1,several exchangers are fixed at tower top to collect and interchange data from each monitoring site, and then transfer all data back to the control room for storage. To ensure data transmission accurately without any omission, Todaair chose suitable equipment according to different distances.

In sketch 2, the data collector and interchanger are fixed at a place named Lanshan Tiantai. Todaair used the dialing AP model DIP356-H for short distance data transmission. Regarding the monitoring site which is 20km far away, model TX23-3525K was selected for accurate, efficient and timely transmission.

Value of Monitoring System

The work of mountain forest fire prevention is massive undertaking, and it needs urgent attentions. This wireless monitoring system will be free from complex topographic conditions and help to operate the project management in an informatization, systemization and scientific mode. This wireless monitoring system can also achieve below values.

Monitoring all-weather, all一round and real-time. Stored data can be reviewed at any time.

Managing devices uniformly. The mountain forest area is vast and a large number of wireless AP are scattered everywhere. It must be very tedious for the testing and maintenance work. This system has been optimized and the running status of each device can be checked via centrally managed information in the control room.

Any device can be added to the system in the future without affecting current dcvices.

Using the long一range wireless video survei日ance system, real time videos can be captured in control room once brushfire happens. Managers will take rescue measures according to the monitoring data. Steps without delay will minimize the losses.

Recommended Devices
Operating Frequency 5.8GHz
Transmission Speed 300Mbps
Transmission Distance 3KM
Operating Frequency 5.8GHz
Transmission Speed 300Mbps
Transmission Distance5KM
Operating Frequency 5.8GHz
Transmission Speed 300Mbps
Transmission Distance20KM


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