With the rapid development of global economy and technology, teachers’ and students’ safety and property are paid more and more attention, so whether the security solution is workable is very important.

Because of the complex environment and scattered buildings, such as dormitory, teaching building, square, wired installation will be a challenge in the surveillance solution.

  Project Requirement

To take the Garner School in the Southern Africa for example, there are many dormitories, teaching buildings, squares and other buildings in this school.

In order to make sure of the security of teachers and students, wireless security solution is to be applied in this school.

According to the local environment, Todaair had made an efficient and stable wireless surveillance solution.

Control room was set in the main building and surveillance points were set in the other areas.

Because of different heights of buildings, the highest position was set as the transmitter and each of two points should be line of sight.

To make sure of the quality of transmission and the effectiveness of monitoring, two cameras were connected with a wireless.

Wireless Network Topology

The Figure on the left shows the network topology we made for this school. Several wireless APs are installed in the control
room by the way of point-to-point or point-to-multipoint to transmit data. With an 8 ports switch to transmit the data to the
control center, the safety and convenience of data transmission can be achieved.

Detailed Link Topology

From the picture above, there are 5 transmitters and 6 receivers in the wireless transmission solution. In this solution, the
shortest distance is 500m and the longest distance is 2km. Thus, the DIP356-H with 3km transmission range was used as
wireless access point in this project.

Recommended Devices
  Model DIP356-H Model POE-RX8
 Operating Frequency 5.8GHz Output Power 24V POE
 Transmission Speed 300Mbps Power Supply Distance 100M
 Transmission Distance 3KM


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