With the rapid development of urbanization in China, the quantity of cars is increasing with a high speed and the rate of traffic accident is also going up. Then, the driving examination is paid more and more attention.

The increasing difficultly of the driving examination is a great challenge for the driving schools and students.However, the driving school in this project is a large and famous one in the local city. It offers training programmes for different types of driver’s licenses. And this is the designated exam venue by the traffic bureau.

Project Requirement

As an exam venue, there are strict requirements about the examination places and the according devices. An efficient surveillance system is a must in the venue. Control room was in the main building and other AP were set in the area of each subject. Because of the long distance, wire installation was complex to install and easy to be influenced by the weather. After careful consideration, wireless was decided to be used in this project.

Network Link

Four Groups on the East


Five Groups on the West

Live Scene Near The Pond

Live Scene in The Control Room



ModelOperating FrequencyTransmission Speed
 TX23-3516K 5.8GHz 300Mbps
  CN326-H 2.4GHz 300Mbps
  CN356-H 5.8GHz 300Mbps
  DIP156-H 5.8GHz 150Mbos


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