With the rapid development of the modern technology, the quality of living is increasing accordingly. Besides the living environment, space and the place, people are paying more and more attention to the comfort and safety of the living. Elevator is more and more important in the residential area and the safety of it should be concerned.

Based on the situation of the elevator application and the need of safety management, Todaair customized a wireless CCTVsolution for the elevator project in Foshan.

  Requirement Analysis

Elevator is common in the daily life. It holds many people. And it’s a closed space, which makes it not easy to communicate with outside persons. It’s a hidden danger. Thus, it’s necessary to install a camera in the elevator for safety monitoring.

After the field inspection of the community environment and the elevator devices, below are the issues should be concerned in the project:
·Considering the elevators should go up and down frequently, if using the wired option, the lines will be easily damaged and needs many maintenance service. The wires will be replaced in a certain cycle, which costs a lot.
·Each floor is far away from the control room, which will cost a lot of time and material if using the wired option.
·The buildings in the community are not near to each other, which will cost a lot of trouble in the installation if choosing the wired option.
·The wireless option is flexible in the data transmission, no bound to the building structure.
.The cost of time and materials of the wireless option is much less than wire option.
·The wireless transmission in the elevator project is stable and secure.
·The wireless option will make the maintenance very convenient and easy to add new devices in the future.

  Plan for Setting Up the Wireless Transmission Solution


There are several buildings in this community needed the wireless CCTV solution. DIP156-H, Todaair wireless access point, is selected in this project. One device will be set as the transmitter, and the other as the receiver. The view captured by the camera, which is connected with the signal receiver, will be sent back to the transmitter and the data will be collected by the NVR, and finally showed in the control room.

Elevator ShaftWireless Access Point

The left photo above shows the environment in the elevator shaft. It’s complicated inside and will take a lot of time for the installation if choosing the wired option. And the safety of the worker is not easy to guaranteed. Thus, the Todaair Plug&Play innovative wireless access points are selected in the project. No need professional software setting, only switching some buttons and the wireless link is complete.

The right photo above shows the place where the wireless device is installed.In order to ensure the signal quality, the wireless device is installed in the corner of teh elevator sharf.It’s a device operating in 5.8GHz band, with good performance of anti一interference, providing a smooth and stable video to the control room.

Photo above shows the wireless access points in the elevator shaft. Point A is the signal transmitter, while the Point B is the receiver which is connected with the camera in the elevator car. Point A&B form a wireless data Link. No matter how frequently the elevator going up and down, the link is always working to provide the best surveillance service.

Control Room

Lots of display monitors are placed in the control room for monitoring the operating status of the elevators in different buildings. Besides, through the CCTV system, unauthorized persons will be identified and the community will be much safer than before.

Channel Testing

The images above show the record of the wireless channel testing when installing the devices. Through multiple tests of different channels and the operating status, the strongest channel will be selected to make sure the stability of the data transmission.

Date Interface

With the help of the Netcheck software, which is developed by Todaair, all the surveillance points in the community can be configured by computer and under central management. The fault of the device can be pinpointed immediately and it will save a lot of time in the maintenance, without affecting the elevators. It helps to improve the efficiency of the maintenance job and it’s easy to add and manage new surveillance points in the future.

Recommended Devices
  Model DIP156-H
 Operating Frequency 5.8GHz
 Transmission Speed 150Mbps
 Transmission Distance 1KM


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