Nowadays, personnel safety becomes a more and more important issue for the public. Let’s take the indoor parking area for instance. Many movies demonstrate the terrible security events. However, such kind of dangerous things exist in the daily lives. The surveillance system is the key to solve the problem of how to ensure the personnel safety and security in the big parking lot.

  Requirement Analysis

● Easy to install, operate.
● Easy setting with dialing switches, making the wireless link convenient.
● Ensure the secure and effective data transmission.
● Convenient maintenance and easy to add news devices if needed.
● Real time monitoring and video data storing.

  Network Link Topology

The DIP356-H, Todaair wireless access point, is selected in this project to eastablish a wireless network system for monitoring. The control room is in the parking management office. 4 wireless surveillance points were set up to monitor the whole area, with real-time data transmission in point-to-point (PTP), point-to-multipoints (PTMP) mode and repeater mode are are applied in the turning.


For better performance of the system, after the devices installation, signal lights should be checked to see if the devices work normally.

Recommended Devices
  Model DIP356-H
 Operating Frequency 5.8GHz
 Transmission Speed 300Mbps
 Transmission Distance 3KM


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