In order to meet the need of traffic surveillance and the public safety, surveillance points should be set in the important areas to achieve the real-time monitoring so as to build a peace and warm village. After the field inspection in the village, Todaair found the below issues in the project:

·The control room was set in the village committee, while the surveillance points scattering in different directions.
·The longest distance from the surveillance point to the control room is up to 4KM.
·There are many obstacles, such as the trees, buildings, among the control room and the surveillance points..
·There are roads/farms/houses near the surveillance points, which makes it not easy to install the wire. The wireless option will be the best choice.
·There are totally 23 surveillance points in this project.

  Requirement Analysis

The entries, exits, traffic arteries and other important areas will be monitored and the HD video of the vehicles/visitors should be sent in real time to the control room for identifying suspicious personnel. The control room is set in the village committee and real time recording is a must. There are 4 x 32 inch LCD monitors placing in the TV wall in the control room. All the video data from the surveillance points can be displayed in the TV wall manually or automatically.

  Network Link

Explanation of the Network Link

  1. Choose the devices according to different villages and the roads

    The distance between the control room and the village A is 4KM, with complicated situation which is not suitable for the wired option. Todaair chose the DIP3510-H, with high end Qualcomm chipset inside, 5KM transmission distance, which makes it the best choice for this case.

    The distance among the village B, the vicinity of factories road and the control room is 2KM. Todaair chose the DIP356一H,with 3KM transmission range, high end Qualcomm chipset, making it easy to meet the needs of the transmission task.

  2. Surveillance Points

    As the surveillance points are set in the village entries, exits, traffic arteries, farm, fishing pool, crossroads and other important area, it’s an outdoor and complicated environment. To ensure the performance, the HD 1.3 megapixel IP cameras are selected in this project. And the cameras can be set remotely to adjust different parameters in order to cover different directions and set event alarm to enhance the safety system.

  3. Control Room

    All devices, such as the bullet/dome cameras, HD decoder, will be managed in the control room. The status of the surveillance devices and servers will be monitored in real time. The time will be synchronized and the user rights will be configured according to the management.

   Solution Analysis
  • As the IP cameras are selected here and the bandwidth of each camera is about 4MB/s, each surveillance point needs at least 12MB/s bandwidth. Todaair chose the wireless access points with 300Mbps and 150Mbps to ensure the bandwidth of the whole system is sufficient for the devices.

  • The wireless devices selected in this project are included a built-in 60 degree internal antenna, which makes the installation convenient. As there are many scattered surveillance points in this project and the environment is complicated, the wireless access points should be installed in a high place to avoid the block from the tall trees and the high buildings.

  • Great attention should be paid on the installation degree of the wireless devices as it will have a great impact on the wireless signal strength. An elevation bracket is recommended for the installation.

  • 16 ports PoE switch was used in control room and 8 ports PoE switch or data switch was applied in this solution where there were 2 or 3 devices.

  • Repeater mode was used in the situation when there were some obstacles.

  • One pair of 300Mbps APs can match with 4 pieces of 720P IP cameras. If there is only one piece of camera, the 150Mbps is enough for the application. If 3 or 4 pieces of cameras connecting with one piece of 300Mbps Ap, switch is recommended in the application.

  • 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz were used to avoid the interference in the dense place.

Recommended Devices
  Model DIP356-H Model DIP3510-H
 Operating Frequency 5.8GHz Operating Frequency 5.8GHz
 Transmission Speed 300Mbps Transmission Speed 300Mbps
 Transmission Distance 3KM Transmission Distance 5KM
 Model DIP326-H
 Operating Frequency 2.4GHz
  Transmission Speed 300Mbps
 Transmission Distance 3KM


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